Teaching Children Through Tech

March 21, 2017

Saunder “Sandy” Primack has always been interested in running his own technology-based business, having worked for several high-tech companies for thirty years, including AT&T, Lucent Technologies and IBM. He joined the

Startup Quest® program in the summer of 2013, while he was unemployed and trying to figure out how to start and run his own viable business.

Primack has a unique situation. He was, and still is, the 24/7 caregiver to his wife, Joy, who suffered a brain-stem stroke in 1996. He needed a career that provided the utmost flexibility.

“Finding employment was hard enough — finding something that would accommodate my situation was proving impossible,” Primack said.

Since graduating from the Startup Quest® program, Primack has created his own company, negotiated a licensing agreement with the University of South Florida for their patented technology, and is developing software that teaches children to read through phonics.

“Startup Quest® came up at just the right time for me. It provided me with the opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do — be my own boss, grow my own business and commercialize a product that is worthwhile and beneficial to others,” Primack said.

Primack has formed Primack & Associates, LLC. The company’s initial product is Dynamic Alphabet (DynA) Phonics Reading Software System — the same technology he and his Startup Quest® team developed a business plan and investor pitch for in 2013. He is currently implementing the technology’s development plan, which includes market testing and educator feedback.

“Throughout the years, Joy and I have volunteered at a local school one or two days a week, and we’ve seen firsthand the wide disparities in performance by students at the same grade level,” said Primack. “DynA is a perfect combination of my passion for education, software development experience, and the skills I learned from Startup Quest®. I’m looking forward to this next phase of my career!”

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