Startup Quest® is a journey. Let’s get started.

The entrepreneurial spirit is driving today’s workforce. Workers want to create their own workplace by starting their own company or have a lead role with greater understanding of what it takes for businesses launching new innovations. They want more to be involved in making the world a better place. Work has evolved and has moved beyond the nine-to-five traditional job.

A new paradigm began to occur during economic shifts. Belief in a steady, lifelong career with a single employer has transitioned to a diverse workforce that values flexibility and mentorship. For many, building new ladders is more appealing that climbing those of the past.

When individuals begin the Startup Quest® journey they gain an awareness of what it takes to startup a new company, work with a team of diverse individuals coming together to create a hypothetical company with a simulated business plan around real world technologies.

We’re living in the entrepreneur economy now, and Startup Quest® has helped thousands of graduates kickstart their way into growing entrepreneurial ecosystems, both as employees and as self-employed.


For Mentors

Discover cutting-edge technologies

Serve as a virtual CEO

Provide leadership and expertise

Participate in a nationally recognized program


For Participants

Gain valuable entrepreneurial skills from successful entrepreneurs

Learn how to write a business plan

Collaborate in a team environment

Compete in an investor pitch

What are people saying about Startup Quest®?

“I realized that I needed to be part of an environment of entrepreneurs. I intentionally wanted to put myself and surround myself with like-minded people who really were somewhat in a similar situation but wanted to do something and to take ownership of essentially their destiny.”

Participant and Entrepreneur